Monday, 21 July 2014

Design Wall (and Floor) Monday

Here's an update on what I'm working (and not working) on.

These pieces make up three
more swoon blocks. My friends and I are doing a swoon-along this summer and all our fabric choices are different. Mine is a gift for my cousin's daughter. All my blocks will be the same. After I made the first three one at a time, I decided I'd had enough of that and was going to start chain piecing to go faster. It sort of defeats the purpose of a swoon-along, but then I decided I really needed to finish something this summer so went ahead. Also, my sewing friends might just be competitive enough that it will motivate them to keep going.

Here are the three blocks I have finished. They are huge - 24" finished - and they only place there is room to lay them out - barely - is on the floor.

On my actual design wall is my Dear Jane. These are rows D and E. I an woefully behind where I should be according to the schedule set by the teacher. This is definitely my next project.

I'm linking up to Patchworktimes - go over to see what everyone else is up to.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

I Should Sew Something or Something

I'm a high school teacher so I get the summers off.  Some people think it must be really nice to have the summer off - don't get me wrong, it is - but sometimes I get a little lost and don't know what to do with myself. Personally I'd rather have a more balanced timetable throughout the year, but that's a topic for another day.

I had one of those days this past week.  I felt a little lost for a day - probably because I had nothing planned for the day.

So I thought I should sew. But I was paralyzed with all the possibilities.  I think I puttered the entire day away without doing anything productive.

The rest of the week went better.

On Thursday I stopped at a fairly local quilt shop that was involved in a shop hop I'm trying to do - the second prize is a suitcase full of Aurifil thread and I have my eye on that. I wasn't intending to buy fabric, then I saw these awesome fabrics which would be perfect for baby shoes.

Today I worked on my swoonalong blocks. A bunch of friends and I are all making swoon blocks together this summer. I feel like I need to get something accomplished so I'm sewing ahead. All my blocks will be the same and I'm only making 6. Today I finished chain piecing all the HSTs and flying geese for my remaining 3 blocks. I'll try to sew them into blocks tomorrow.

My lost feeling is gone and I've set some goals for myself - including cleaning up my office - who wants to do housework though when there is sewing to be done instead.

Friday, 11 July 2014

A Perfect Vacation Day

One of my favourite things to do is go fabric shopping and have a nice lunch. That's what I did today when I headed to the fabric district in Hamilton to hit a few shops.

I started with a drapery store (US Textiles) to get more fabric to match my drapes so that I can finish the cushion covers for the couch. Mission accomplished! Since I bought the drapery fabric last spring, I'm very lucky they still had any left in stock. It was my lucky day because they had some in stock (which I knew since I'd called ahead) AND I bought a remnant piece so got 1 3/4 yards for the price of 1 1/4 (which is what I needed). SCORE!

Then I shopped around a bit. There are several antique shops in the fabric district and there are a few galleries that carry unique art pieces.
I found these - it's an iron set - 3 bases and one handle. They were priced so well that I snapped them up. I want to decorate my sewing room with vintage sewing notions/pieces and I already own a 1902 Singer that belonged to my great grandmother and I picked up a giant pair of tailor's shears last summer.

I had two goals for the day - drapery fabric and getting a bra fitting. I like to sew my own and I took a course several years ago from Bra Maker's Supply. I learned a lot in the course, but have forgotten a lot since I don't make that many. It's really hard to fit yourself so I go in every now and then to see the owner - she knows everything there is to know about bra making. I picked up this very nice lace to use at some time. I also got fit too.

My final score of the day is that I found Pansy in Kona Cotton - I need some to finish the Swoon-along I'm doing with friends this summer. The store I originally bought it from didn't have any but I found some at European Textiles for a great price and I won't have to pay shipping either.

To finish the day I had lunch at a cute retro diner called Auntie Boom's. It was tasty - nothing like a good BLT on a summer's day.

To me, a perfect vacation day!

Monday, 23 June 2014

My Latest Project

I've been very busy around here, doing the job that pays the bills. I'm almost finished though and have a sewing project that needs my attention.

I've wanted to make a pictorial quilt for awhile - I like the way they look and I think it's a neat way to quilt. An opportunity arose for me to make one, so I've jumped on it.

My Uncle Gerald owns the family farm - my grandparents bought it in 1943 (or maybe 1942). My mom was born there and raised there as well. I spent a lot of time there as a kid and have many fond memories of being on the farm. My uncle has had several health problems, most recently a partial paralysis in February. He talked about selling the farm then - luckily he's recovered enough and is not selling right away, but I think a sale is in the works. He also turned 65 on June 21, so I decided to make a pictorial quilt wall hanging of the farm for his birthday present. There is a big party next Sunday, so I have a lot of sewing to get finished.

On the May long weekend my sister and her fiancee came home and we went to the farm so that Ian could take photos for me.

This is my master photo:

I took a Craftsy class to get some ideas - and it helped a lot.

Here are some progress pics - if there is a glare it's from the vinyl overlay.
This is my pattern master, printed actual size - 2' x 3' I think

making patterns using freezer paper

using highlighters to mark the colours of clouds

first layer of fabric, building forward
a tree

where I ended off tonight.
It's coming together really nicely and I'm pretty proud of myself. I just need enough time to get the sewing finished!

I'm linking up to Patchworktimes tonight.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Back to the Sewing Machine

It's been a busy few weeks at school so I haven't had much time to sew. I've been looking forward to this weekend so I could have a break from work and do some sewing.

I got three Dear Jane blocks completed:


M4 - with 49 pieces!

I have one more triangle piece then my homework is finished for this month.

Here's my design wall tonight

It's going to be a quilty week for me this week. Today I went to a quilt show in Ailsa Craig, where every year they host an international quilt show. This year it's quilts of Great Britain, and this blogger, who I read, had some quilts in the show and I wanted to see them. I took a bunch of pictures - unfortunately they have a strict copyright rule, so I can take for myself but I'm not allowed to share.

Tomorrow C and I are going to hear Zen Chic give a trunk show at a local quilt shop. That should be awesome. Then Thurs is guild night. Not much time in there for sewing though.

What do you have on this week?

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Baby Shoes

My friend C found this, or one just like it, a while ago. It seems rather fitting right now:

You can buy one here.  It's a stressful time in my regular job right now and so I'm really busy and not getting much sewing time in. So I feel not very nice. Today I took a little time to do some sewing so that I'm nicer to people.

I finished these off

These are for a friend at work who shares the same first name as me. She just had a baby girl this past week - her little boy is only 13 months old. She'll be busy.

These are for the grandson of my alternative health practioner. I've been seeing her for 8 years and my health is so much better because of her. These are size 3-6 months. The baby hasn't been born yet.

These are also for the grandson. Size 0-3 months and organic cotton.

all lined up

all wrapped up
I also had a long nap this afternoon, which helped my mood. I'm going to bed at a decent hour tonight, getting up fairly early, going out for breakfast, then going to a coffee shop to get some marking finished (since I can't seem to mark at home or work these days).

How was your Saturday?